Fisrt Antivirus Supporting 27 Languages!

BRIX antivirus is the leader of flexibility because it supports 27 worldwide including 13 Indian and 14 International languages. This great option is not available anywhere else!

Robust Antivirus

High speed, user-friendly, extremely light and customized actions make this Antivirus a great choice for all that want a perfect virus blocking Windows solution. Don’t worry anymore about the language because you can work easily with this application in your native language!

Memory Protection

With help of Memory Protection you are protected with maximum security as BRIX takes care of your volatile memory (RAM) and protects it against all threats as this kind of memory is very vulnerable and h

Multiple Scan Scenarios

The rich options for scanning threats make it easy for you to setup custom scanning scenarios based on your needs. you can exclude your safe folders from scanning to make it even faster!

The Cage!

The Cage is a secure place to hold all infected files because maybe you don’t want all of them be deleted or maybe some of them are your important files so here you can find and manage them. You can restore or delete them permanently

Even More Flexibility

With help of the advanced engineering in designing BRIX you can turn antivirus off at the time of booting to Windows! This is a great option when you want to just login to your system even faster and do your emergency work!

Other Features

In addition to all mentioned features, Brix Antivirus has many other useful options that you have to check them out for yourself to see! Don’t hesitate, download a trial and see them all!